Normalization of proton elastic scattering data at low energies

Project title:Normalization of proton elastic scattering data at low energies

Dates and places of research: Heavy ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw, Poland, 2020-2021.

Sources of funding: The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA)

Collaboration: Prof. A. Pakou and Prof. K. Rusek

Output of the project: An article as follow:

  1. H.M. Maridi, A. Pakou, and K. Rusek, “The p+9Be elastic scattering below 30 MeV: optical model analysis and data normalization”, Int. J. Mod. Phys. E 30, 2150024 (2021).


Differential cross-section data of elastic scattering for p+9Be below a proton incident energy of 30MeV are evaluated by using two techniques. First, optical model analysis is performed and applied to the analyzing powers and reaction cross-sections to extract the optical potential parameters. Then, angular distributions of the differential crosssection are calculated with this potential and compared with the experimental data and normalization coefficients are extracted. Second, a consistent comparison between data sets with similar energies is considered in a minimization process to obtain another set of data normalization coefficients. The two techniques lead to similar normalized values for the existing data and consistently validate a body of low-energy data that can be safely used for further theoretical studies. Furthermore, the systematic behavior and energy dependence of the volume integral is determined as well as the energy dependence of the reaction cross-sections is predicted.