Workshop on the Applications of Physics in Architecture

Under the auspices of the administration of the Hodeidah branch of the University of Science and Technology, the Department of Architecture has established

Student Research Workshop on the Applications of Physics in Architecture

at 10 AM, Tuesday, January 3, 2017. It contained PowerPoint presentations for research projects on the applications of physics in architecture for students of the second level of architecture and under the supervision of Dr. Hasan Maridi. The successful architect is characterized by strengthening creativity in thinking, accuracy, quick glance, common taste, love of art, beauty, reading, and enjoying a leadership personality directly responsible for projects, who masters the good presentation of engineering projects.

The topics for research were:

1- Acoustics and their application in architecture (Acoustics in theaters as an example of acoustic applications)

2- Light in Architecture (Applications of Daylight in Architectural Buildings)

3- Applications of electricity in architecture (applications of architecture generating electrical energy)

4- Nanotechnology applications in architecture (the use of carbon nanotubes to improve concrete)

The students expressed enthusiasm in their presentation of the research, even though it represents the first experience of presenting for each other, and I thank the branch administration for its support of the ceremony, the billboard, and the award for the best offer, which will be awarded later after the evaluation.

It was a beautiful experience, even though it came at the end of the term and in the midst of the concerns of the final exams.

More information and photos of the event are provided here or here