Workshop on Nuclear Energy and Solar Energy Applications


"Student Research Workshop for Nuclear Energy and Solar Energy Applications"

was held April 22-24, 2017 at the College of Education, Applied Sciences and Technology in Bajil, University of Hodeidah, and concluded with a ceremony honoring and presenting the posters and models. The ceremony began with a welcoming speech from the Dean of the College, Dr. Ibrahim Jaber, followed by the speech of the workshop’s supervisor, Dr. Hasan Maridi, which included a welcome to the guests and an introduction to the idea of ​​the workshop, explaining the importance of the modern philosophy of education based on research and participation. Then the guests and students showed the PowerPoint presentations and passed on the students’ posters and models that explain the applications of nuclear and solar energy.

This workshop was based on the fact that the college is interested in technology and applied sciences and in order to highlight the practical side of what the student studies, as training and qualification for students of the scientific departments of the college, and for what the successful university student should be characterized by strengthening creativity in thinking and reading and as training in speaking and participating in scientific conferences.

Topics for research:

1- Production of radioactive isotopes

2- Radioisotopes in medicine and radiotherapy

3- The use of isotopes in scientific research, industry, and agriculture

4- Calculation and measurement of radiation doses

5- Nuclear fuel cycle

6- Managing radioactive waste

7- Peaceful nuclear reactors in the generation of electric power

8- Solar energy as a source of renewable energy

9- Solar cells, how to install them, their prices

10- Solar batteries, their specifications, and types

11- Solar water pumps: types, how to protect them, and calculate their capacity

12- Solar energy system protection

The students showed enthusiasm during their preparation and presentation of the research, even though it represented the first experience of giving presentations to each other.

The ceremony concluded with honoring the students participating in the research. The students honored Dr. Ibrahim Jaber, Dean of the College, Dr. Hasan Maridi, and the organizers of the ceremony. This was in the forefront of the guests, the Secretary-General of the Local Council, Director of the Education Office in the district, Director of Political Security in the district, Director of Planning in the Local Council, Deputy Director of the Bagel Cement Factory, and a number of professors at the college teachers, and a large number of college students.

More information, photos of the event, and posters are provided here