Energy Conversion

Grading policy:

First Exam 20%

Second Exam 20%

Homeworks 5%

Quizzes 7%

Project 8%

Final Exam 40%

Energy Conversion and Efficiency course by Dr. Hasan Maridi

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Energy Conversion and Efficiency

Course Topics

1-Introduction: Energy units, types, and sources

2- Energy conversion laws and thermal Energy, efficiency of energy conversion, Heat engines

3- Fossil Fuels: Coal, Petroleum, Natural gas

4- Nuclear: Energy from Fission

5- Renewable energy I: Hydro, Tidal, Wavepower,

Biomass, Geothermal

6- Renewable energy II: Solar: PV and thermal

7- Renewable energy III: Wind

8- Direct energy conversion methods, including, Photovoltaics, Fuel Cells, Thermoelectric conversion, Thermionics and MHD.

9- Energy storage categories: electrical, electromechanical, mechanical, direct thermal, and thermochemical

10-Energy Conservation, increasing of efficiency.


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Homeworks: HW 1, HW 2, HW 3, HW 4