Workshop for Applications of Physics in Engineering

The College of Engineering and Information Technology at the British University in Yemen, under the auspices of the Presidency of the University, held on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, the closing ceremony for:

Research workshop for applications of physics in engineering

Which was held for first-level students in the Department of Mechatronics Engineering and the Department of Oil and Gas Engineering from February 3-19, 2018 under the supervision of Dr. Hasan Maridi. About 60 students were divided into twelve research groups that did scientific research in their specialization and presented them in research posters, and the research was presented in the form of scientific posters, so that this presentation simulates the ways researchers present their research in international scientific conferences.

The workshop aimed to introduce students to the foundations and mechanism of conducting scientific research, and the conditions for scientific publication; As well as providing students with skills of presentation and good presentation of projects, information and scientific discussion.

The topics of the workshop included some engineering applications of several physical concepts and theories, and included:

1- Robotic

2- Autonomous car

3- Unmanned aerial vehicle

4- Alloy and Ceramic

5- Ceramic

6- Carbon nanotube materials

7- Petroleum and gas Formation

8- Petroleum Uses and Statistics

9- Oil Shale

10- Natural gas

11- Petroleum and gas in Yemen

12- Radiation in petroleum industries

The closing ceremony began with a speech by the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abdel Samad Hazaa, in which he explained the importance of scientific activities and scientific research and motivating the students to do more to improve the level of students and the level of their university, then thanked the students for completing this workshop and asked them to strengthen themselves in the English language so that they could see the latest findings of science Of theories, applications and achievements. Then Dr. Adel Al-Qudsi, Dean of the College of Engineering gave a welcoming and motivating speech to the students, explaining that the field of engineering requires a great effort from students to be able to qualify themselves well to overcome the work problems that they will face when they join the labor market. Then Dr. Hasan Maridi, the supervisor of the workshop, spoke and thanked the university and college administration for their support of the workshop. He then explained the workshop’s work plan and the topics that were presented to the students for research, indicating that the purpose of the workshop is to introduce students to scientific research, the method of writing scientific research, and methods of presenting information and projects. After that, the student, Mohammad Al-Mawry gave a speech on behalf of the students in which he thanked the university administration and Dr. Maridi, and explained the students' happiness for going through this experience.

Then the attendees passed on the scientific projects, and each research group reviewed its research during the passing of the doctors, and they answered the questions that were directed to them.

In the end, certificates of participation were distributed to the students participating in the workshop, and pictures were taken of the students with each other.

For more information, photos of the event, and posters provided, click here