Energy Environmental Impacts

Energy Environmental Impacts

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Environmental Impacts of Energy by Hasan Maridi

The course contents:

1- An introduction to energy, its units of measurement, its types, sources, methods of conversion, and the method of calculating consumption growth

2- A simple review of thermodynamics and the most important chemical laws will help us in understanding the calculation of environmental pollution.

3- Sources of fossil fuels and calculating the environmental impacts of their combustion

4- Types of environmental pollutants of water, air, soil, and noise resulting from traditional energy sources and their impact on humans, life, and society and ways to control and reduce them.

5- Effects of nuclear energy and radioactivity on the environment.

6- Environmental impacts of renewable energy sources.

Lecture notes: Energy_Environmental_Impacts_Hasan_Maridi

Homeworks: HW 1, HW 2, HW 3, HW 4, HW 5


Textbook: Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science, by Gilbert M. Masters Wendell P. Ela, Third Edition 2014, Pearson, ISBN 13: 978-1-292-02575-9.


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