Brochures on the Situation and Future of Energy in Jordan

Under the patronage and presence of the university’s advisor, Prof. Dr. Marwan Kamal, the university’s president, Prof. Moataz Sheikh Salem, the university’s vice president, Prof. Dr. Khaled Al-Sartawi, the university’s president’s advisor, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Awad, the college’s dean, Dr. Tariq Totonji, the department head, Dr. Firas Obeidat, and the faculty members set up the two departments of renewable energy engineering and The alternative energy technology at the College of Engineering and Technology at Philadelphia University this morning Thursday, January 16, 2020 at the scientific day, which came as the conclusion of two research workshops for students of the two departments that lasted about a month.

The first workshop was:

Research posters and practical models of some renewable and alternative energy technologies

under the supervision of Prof. Ibrahim Rahoma

The second workshop

Brochures on Situation and Future of Energy in Jordan

under the supervision of Dr. Hasan Maridi.

The establishment of this scientific day stems from the university’s keenness to implant the values ​​of scientific research, refine scientific talent, and train its students on active participation in the scientific community, and for what the university student must acquire in terms of creativity, style of presentation and good presentation of projects and information.

The scientific day began in Hall 6701 with a speech by the head of the department, Dr. Firas Obeidat, in which he spoke about the importance of these workshops for students, and emphasized the continuity of holding such workshops in each semester. Then Dr. Hassan Meridi spoke about what was done in these workshops and advised the students to pay attention to training and to acquire language, computer, speech and presentation skills. This was followed by a brief lecture by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Rahouma on "Sustainable Development and Philadelphia University", in which he highlighted the importance of sustainable development and invited the university's presidency to establish a center for sustainable development. After that, Dr. Hasan Maridi was honored with a memorial shield, and then the attendees went to see the wall posters, research brochures, and then the scientific models. The students were discussed by the presidency of the university and the attending faculty members, and the university administration was impressed by what was done, then everyone ate a group breakfast, which was a nice opportunity to meet with the administration The university with faculty members and students in an atmosphere of cordiality and appreciation, exchanging views and discussing the department’s needs.

This was followed by the students taking souvenir photos. This was followed by a discussion by Prof. Ibrahim Rahouma of two graduation projects supervised by Dr. Hasan Maridi. The first came about "Solar Tracking System" and the second was about "Solar Powered Auto Irrigation System".

For more information, photos of the event and posters are provided click here or here