Research workshop on energy Resources

Under the patronage of the President of Philadelphia University, the Department of Renewable Energy Engineering at the College of Engineering and Technology held on Monday, January 14, 2019, at 10:00 am in Hall 6739, the closing presentation of the event:

"Research workshop on energy sources, introductory and statistical studies"

Which was held for students of the Department of Renewable Energy Engineering from December 2-19, 2018 under the supervision of Dr. Hasan Maridi and under the guidance of the head of the department, Dr. Muhammad Mahdi Al-Salman and the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr. Qassem Al-Obaidi, and the patronage and presence of the kindness of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Moataz Sheikh Salem and Prof. Dr. Marwan Al-Obaidat, Vice President for Affairs academy.

The establishment of this research forum stems from the university’s keenness to implant the values ​​of scientific research and its keenness to create a spirit of innovation, cultivate the queen of creativity, and discover scientific talents among its students. This workshop comes within the framework of the university's orientation towards training its students on active participation in the scientific community and what a university student should acquire in terms of creativity, style of presentation, and good presentation of projects and information.

The closing presentation included a speech by Dr. Hassan Maridi, which included a brief explanation of the event, then a speech by the department’s student representative, Murad Khairallah, in which he welcomed the university administration and explained the students’ happiness in going through this experience, followed by a brief welcoming speech for the head of the department, Dr. Muhammad Mahdi Al-Salman, after which the official passage of posters and posters began. Research students The professor, the university president, the vice president for academic affairs, the dean of the College of Engineering, his deputy, the head of the department, and the rest of the professors and guests were briefed on the students’ projects, and the students were discussed while passing the student posters. This was followed by a breakfast party held by the students of the department, and side conversations took place between the president of the university, the dean of the college, and the students.

The research topics were as follows:

1- Natural gas

2- oil

3- Solar panels energy

4- Solar Thermal Energy

5- Wind energy

6- Electrical energy

7-Nuclear energy

8- Hydroelectricity

9- Geothermal Energy

10- Wave energy

11- Biofuel Energy

12- Fuel cells

For more information, photos of the event, and posters provided, click here