Maridi Function To Adjust Student Score

1- The exam is a common measure to know the quality of the student and the extent of his understanding of the course, and despite that, it does not fully reflect the correct assessment of the student.

2- The exam may be very difficult or chaos may occur in the exam, which distracts the students’ focus. The exam may be intense and the professor may be accurate in correction or lenient. All of these factors make the exam result not an accurate measure, but it is the best assessment tool we have.

3- As a result of the above reasons and other reasons such as the failure of a large number of students, the teacher may sometimes need to help the students to raise their grades, but the issue of giving students grades to raise is not easy and unfair in many cases.

4- The traditional easy way is to give all students, for example, five extra degrees, and the most intelligent and those who compete for the final degree may not benefit from it, and this is a great injustice, and therefore we need in most cases to gradually help so that the students below average receive more assistance, while the top performers are less.

5- Therefore, I designed a mathematical function to raise the grades and suggested it to the teachers and doctors to help and gradually raise the grades.

I have put a simplified explanation of it supported by an example and its solution, and you can view and download it from the following link:

Maridi function for raising students' grades