Teaching Experience


Currently, I am an academic tutor for 2nd-year students at the University of Manchester. In addition, I supervise a Mphys project. In 2015-2020, I have five years’ teaching experience as an assistant professor. My teaching activities are as follow: 

In addition, I have early experience in teaching in high schools: a year after high school and two years after my bachelor's.

My current teaching activities in the University of Manchester

My teaching experience in 2015-2020


Lecture notes

You can download the last versions of the pdf lectures from the following links:

Workshops for students under my supervision and organization

Teaching training courses

Currently, I am taking training program, with  many modules,  in the University of Manchester which is called the FSE Foundations of Teaching and Learning programme.

FSE Foundations of Teaching and Learning programme, 2023-2024:

Earlier, I took two training courses from the academic, administrative, and career development and training center at Philadelphia University, Jordan

2. 21 hours-professional training course (FT1901), February 2019 :