Medical Physics

Medical Physics Course

(Lectures in General Physics for Medical Sciences Students pdf)

By Dr. Hasan Maridi

Assistant Professor of Theoretical Nuclear Physics at Taiz University, Yemen

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Medical Physics By Dr. Hasan Maridi

The book is written for students in medical colleges. It contains the most important physical concepts and their applications in medicine and life. It is supported by solved examples in most of the topics. It was written in the form of PowerPoint slides to make it look smooth for students and contains suitable spaces for writing and adding notes to it by students to help them in retrieval and studying. It was written from several references that you will find on the second page.

This is the third version. I will be happy to accept any comments on it from the teachers and students.

The right to print the book and use it or use some of its parts is guaranteed to everyone without reference to me, and I hope that our students in medical colleges will benefit from it.

You can follow this page constantly to download the solved issues, assignments, and exams related to this course.


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Chapter 1 Physics and Measurement

Chapter 2 The Force and Laws of Motion

Chapter 3 Static Equilibrium and Elasticity

Chapter 4 Energy and Power

Chapter 5 Fluid Mechanics

Chapter 6 Temperature and Heat

Chapter 7 Sound Wave

Chapter 8 Light and Image Formation Optics

Chapter 9 Electricity

Chapter 10 Radiation